Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Not Much to Say

The sickly dog is at the vet for observation today. Dr. M is evaluating his levels to see if he's getting the right amount of insulin and when he 'peaks' during the day. He's probably just sleeping as he does at home but I hope he's not freaking out all day.

Yesterday we were told that the judge would not let us have the baby girl CPS had chosen us for. I'd like to know how on earth he gets away with blatant discrimination. I've been told that in my state, race is protected but sexual orientation is not. It's so damned depressing. I really want a daughter. If he could just think beyond his own personal prejudices. I think I need to move.

We still have M & C and they seem to be settling in a bit. M still has his temper tantrums but he's quickly learning what 'time out' is all about. We're supposed to let our case worker know if we would consider adopting them (we're supposed to know that after 2 weeks??) because she seems to think reunification with their parents won't happen. I'm taking this with a grain of salt because nothing ever happens quickly as far as foster care and adoption are concerned. We need more time with them before we can judge if they are a good fit for us and vice versa.

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