Monday, April 10, 2006

Lazy Days

I was such a bum this weekend! I really hated the idea of loading up three kids to go somewhere to spend money I don't have so I didn't go anywhere. Well, we did walk to the subdivision playground on Saturday but that was it. Both days were spent at home. There were moments of crying (from all three boys) and moments of insanity (by me) but I survived!

Wednesday night I bought a mini van. I can't believe I'm a mini van driver! I really loved my car but if we're going to continue to be foster parents I need to know I have the room. I did not have the room in my car. I knew the search was going to be tough because I've grown quite accustomed to my leather interior and sunroof. I knew I wanted automatic sliding doors and I didn't want the price tag of something brand new. I only had to compromise slightly to get something I'm happy with and oldest boy T is really jazzed about sitting in the back by himself.

Other than all that - the sickly dog has taken to barking/whining/being a general PITA at all hours of the night/early morning. He really needs to knock it off or he'll get a squirt of water in the face by one of the many spray bottles we keep around.

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