Saturday, April 15, 2006


We just finished dying easter eggs. I was hoping J would be here for the event but the eggs weren't ready in time and she had to go to work early. Knowing this is C's first easter makes me a little sad. I made sure to take photos and hopefully I'll get some good ones tomorrow.

I've put together a little book of the time they spent with us that I will send with them to their new family. I think it's important that they know each home they were in and I'm thankful that T's previous foster homes made a nice scrapbook for him which I have continued.

We have a court date for T on the 19th. I'm hoping the judge is ready to terminate and sets a termination date for some time in May. His birthmom definitely won't be at court since she's currently in jail.

My girl dog, Mollie, has been acting a little weird lately. I think she's a little scared of M & C. Maybe she'll feel a little better if I give her a bath (she's been a little itchy). If not, at least she'll smell better!

I hope everyone (all two of you that read this) have a great easter holiday.

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