Monday, May 01, 2006

On and On It Goes

And the lying continues folks. I sent an email to T's teacher who is not aware of any one teasing him. So, unless it's happening during recess he's telling yet another lie. Shocking, I know.

This weekend we spent some time with J's family. They tend to think we're hard on T but after some alone time with him they seem to have a change of mind. I guess if you've only ever seen him with us, you'd think he's a perfect angel but that's because we are strict with him. When left with someone else, well....let's just say he pushes it quite a bit.

Other than T's antics, we're doing pretty well lately. Getting daycare set up didn't take as much effort as I thought it would. The daycare is lovely and close to the house. I hope it's good for M and he learns a lot while he's there.

Tomorrow M & C have another birthparent visit. They always come back filthy and full of sugar from Dr. Pepper and Oreos. *grrrrr* Last time they didn't change C's diaper the entire time. It's frustrating but there's not much I can do besides letting their caseworker know about it.

I have a small sewing project I started but got frustrated with and didn't finish. I need to finish it this week so I can send it and the red outfit off to my friend.

Oh, and this is hardly worth mentioning because nothing will probably come of it but our cw has submitted us on a baby girl that is legally free for adoption. She is not in our county (which means we don't have to get approval from a judge). So, we wait to see if we're picked for staffing. If so, then we wait to see if we're picked to be her parents. If so, we still have to get the supervisors signature.

We were picked in August of 2005 for a sibling group of 2 girls (from a different county) and got as far as the supervisor's signature before it disappeared and we never heard from them again. Let's just say I'm very jaded and won't believe anything until someone places a girl in my arms.

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baggage said...

Your T sounds very much like my Bug. I know how hard it is.