Monday, May 15, 2006

Tick Tock

Well I made it through last week and even survived sending M & C off to their new foster dads. I cried a little but enjoyed sleeping in Saturday morning.

T was different without M & C in the house. Part of that could be because he is congested and was on some over-the-counter stuff but he was quieter and didn't feel the need to show off as much (even when the new therapist came to the house).

Speaking of the new therapist.....she seems to agree with our cw that maybe we should get him evaluated by a psychiatrist and possibly put him on medication. We're not talking 'for life' but just to relieve some of his anxiety and impulse control so that we can get him to a place where we can start really working with his behavior. That may be in the works soon. We'll see.

I often think that I'm the one that needs the medication. I don't have panic attacks or anything but I have no patience and I yell a lot. A lot. I don't like it. I would hate to be yelled at if I were a kid but I end up yelling (or working up to yelling) most of the time.

We spent Mother's Day at my mom's house (J had to work). It was nice to get some time with my mom since I haven't seen much of her lately. The chocolate chip cookies she sent home with me were pretty nice too. T was pretty good most of the day but started to get wound up as evening approached so I finished what I had started (helping my mom on her computer) and went home.

Our cw is supposed to stop by tonight. She's not always reliable so I won't hold my breath.

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