Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Horns are Showing

We found out some interesting news yesterday. On the way home I was on the phone with my partner, J and she got another call. She sounded excited and put me on hold. I knew it must have been our foster care case worker (cw) since I was on hold for a couple of minutes. When she got back on the line she asked me how close I was to the house and told me that she had news for me when I got home. Of course, at this point I'm thinking it must be something that's going to piss me off so I just finished my conversation and hurried home.

Once home, she made sure our foster son, T was busy coloring in his room - a sign that I knew it was something she didn't want him to hear - and we went to our bedroom. After we closed the door she said that T's cw called (J & I have a cw w/ our agency and T has a cw w/ CPS) to say that the next visit with his birthmother had been cancelled and that all visits will be cancelled for a while because birthmom in jail!!!!

My mouth fell open and I was literally jumping up and down with joy! Why does this unfortunate news make me so very happy??? Well, we're coming close to having T's parental rights terminated which is the first step towards adopting him. We were told that (even though she hasn't done half of the things she was supposed to in order to get him back) she was probably going to ask for a jury trial and might appeal if the judge orders termination. An appeal would drag the case on for possibly two years! Apparently, being in jail alone is grounds for termination and I'm hoping that makes things more cut and dry and we can move on quickly with the adoption.

We went to our foster parent support class last night and watched American Idol and America's Next Top model (we recorded them on the DVR) when we got home. I am so ready for Jade to get the boot. Maybe last night's almost elimination will give her a scare and she'll stop with the attitude.

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