Friday, November 10, 2006

Um, stuff

I've gotten quite slack in posting, huh? Well, let's see....since the last time I wrote we have gotten a new foster placement. D & P are sisters and they are younger than T. We're wondering if D is autistic so we're trying to get her evaluated. I don't know how long we'll have the girls but they have a court date in January so at least until then.

T's behavior hasn't gotten any better and at the moment I'm actively ignoring everything. I've made it clear to him that since he chooses not to listen to me or follow the rules then there I have nothing to say to him. Since most of what he says to me is a lie, I've also told him that I would prefer he not speak to me either.

Let me state here that there's no point in leaving comments saying I'm being mean. You haven't tried everything to get through to this child for over 2 years. I have and then is the point I've come to.

I guess it would make more sense to explain that T's lying has caused us quite the heartbreak. He's managed to convince someone at his school that he's being mistreated and they've called the CPS hotline on us numerous times. We've been investigated and have found to be innocent but it hurts to go through that and to know that your 6 year old soon-to-be-adoptive son would be so manipulative and cause that much pain. It makes us question whether we should go through with the adoption.

Other than that, it's been a mad scramble to get the girls evaluations and doctor's visits scheduled. My back is killing me and I just want a vacation.

I'm doing a craft show at an elementary school this weekend (with a friend) to hopefully sell the stuff I made over the summer. Wish me luck because I could use the money right about now.

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