Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's Been A While

I guess I just didn't have anything different to say. I had a good birthday with unexpected gifts that I was ecstatic about (a Cricut machine!) but other than that life was just as it had been. We were (and still are) pretty broke. The other house is dragging us down. We really needed someone to buy it but we have found someone to rent it. I think they will be renting for a year but we've told them that we will be putting it back on the market in 6 months. I really hope it sells so we don't have to keep going through this.

Two weeks ago T had his goodbye visit with his birthmother. It went really well. She was very appropriate with him and spoke to us with concern and respect. We have agreed to send her a photo once a year and to set up a PO box so that she can send T cards and letters when she wishes. I informed her that we will be reading everything she sends. It's not that we're being nosy but we want to ensure that she doesn't write anything that will hurt, scare or confuse T.

I was worried that T's behavior after the visit would be horrible. Since he has so much trouble expressing his emotions, they tend to leak out as behavior problems but we haven't had any trouble at all. I wouldn't say he's been perfect but no worse than usual. I think knowing that he can write letters to her has really helped alleviate some of his anxiety. He also seems more settled and happy that he's had some closure to the situation.

Next month is the court date for termination of parental rights. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the attorney appointed to the non-existent birthfather doesn't turn up with anything. CPS has already done a search so I'm not sure how far his search will go.

I'm hesitant to say things are looking up but they haven't gotten any worse.

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