Thursday, July 19, 2007


Things aren't looking too rosey at the moment. We can't get a foster/adoptive placement until we get our fire inspection updated. I've sent away the application but haven't received a phone call yet. The van is having problems and costing us a bunch of money we don't have to fix it. Speaking of money....I'm so broke I can't even afford to pay attention.

It's bad here folks. It's so bad that I'm attempting to get a second job. This makes me very angry and resentful. I shouldn't have to get a second job but I guess I shouldn't have allowed things to get to this point.

However, if I had a second job, I'd have to quit if (when) we get a placement. I certainly wouldn't have the time to take care of a child and work two jobs. So, I'm looking at it as a temporary way to help pay for some of these unexpected expenses.

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