Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Still Having Problems

I'm still having issues with Blogger. I'm tempted to dump this whole blog. It's not like anyone reads it anyway.... it's just me talking to myself.

We're still waiting for a foster placement. We have taken the mandatory classes and thought we were in the clear for placements but after speaking with the call intake person, she seems to be waiting for an 'all clear' from someone other than us. It's very frustrating but I'm going to try to get someone to tell her that we're good to go.

I got a good deal on an infant carseat/carrier last week and was quite proud of myself for saving $30 on it.

I haven't worked on any crafts that I can post a picture of lately. Mostly I've been working on my scrapbook.

Time for breakfast......


Anonymous said...

Hi, Bridgette!

From Patti

Sean MC said...

I read it! :P