Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Quiet

I work in an office but changed from 8 - 5 to 7 - 4 when we moved to this building. When I get to work, there is usually only one other person here. After the usual pleasantries have been exchanged, each of sit quietly at our computers slowly starting our day. I generally open my work emails first and try to respond to most of them before anyone else gets here.

I like starting my day this way. I like that only one person knows if I'm late. I like that I only have to mumble one "good morning" before ducking into my cubicle. I'm not a morning person....I need the quiet and the chance to fully wake up before delving into things.

We currently share office space with another company that was owned by the parent company. They have been sold off and now we have to move out. I don't mind the move too much except that I've been told that everyone will have to return to working 8 - 5.

There goes the quiet.

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